Personal Details
Name Κωνσταντίνος Φωκιανός
Name (latin) Konstantinos Fokianos
Research Projects
Title Mathematical Modelling: An online exprience
Funding authority KEDIMA
Start date 01-05-2021
End date 31-12-2021
Title NWSSDTP CASE studentship award "Multivariate count time series models and their assessment"
Funding authority ESRC
Start date 01-10-2019
End date 30-09-2022
Title Research Centre for Communication Technologies (IRIDA)
Funding authority Research Promotion Foundation
Start date 01-11-2018
End date 31-10-2022
Title Modeling and prediction of financial times series, with application to risk management
Funding authority Paris//Seine Initiative for Excellence in Research
Start date 01-09-2017
End date 01-09-2018
Title Non linear INGARCH models for Time Series of Counts
Funding authority Leventiis Foundation
Start date 01-10-2011
End date 01-10-2013
Title Regression Models for Integer Valued Time Series
Funding authority IPE
Start date 01-12-2010
End date 01-12-2013
Title Applied Neuroscience and Neurobehavioral Research Center
Funding authority IPE
Start date 01-11-2010
End date 01-11-2014