Personal Details
Name Ξένια Μισκουρίδου
Name (latin) Xenia Miscouridou
Journal publications
Juho Lee, Xenia Miscouridou, François Caron (2023). A unified construction for series representations and finite approximations of completely random measures. Bernoulli, 29(3), 2142-2166.
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X. Miscouridou, F. Panero. (2023). A discussion on Evaluating Sensitivity to the Stick-Breaking Prior in Bayesian Nonparametrics by R. Giordano, R. Liu, M. I. Jordan, T. Broderick. Bayesian Analysis, -(), .
Xenia Miscouridou, Samir Bhatt, George Mohler, Seth Flaxman, Swapnil Mishra (2023). Cox-Hawkes: doubly stochastic spatiotemporal Poisson processes. Transactions on Machine Learning Research, 2023(), .
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