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Profile of Programme

The PhD Program in French Studies provides students with a contemporary and specialised education and gives them the opportunity to acquire scientific expertise in the rich cultural field of French Studies. The PhD program in French Studies gives the opportunity to explore
the linguistic and literary richness of a French tradition in constant revitalization through the perspective of various theoretical and methodological approaches, thus connecting the expected creativity and originality of a doctoral dissertation with the requirements of
epistemological, technical and deontological norms.

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Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of the PhD in French Studies, students will be able to demonstrate:
  • specialized knowledge and understanding of distinct periods and domains belonging to the wide range of French studies
  • the ability to develop complex interpretations of individual and corpus literary texts, often in an interdisciplinary manner
  • the ability to critically apply acquired theories and methodologies in order to solve the issues in their main field of study
  • the competence to carry out independent and original research in the fields of French studies (linguistics, didactics, literature, culture and history)
  • the ability to present the results of their research at a professional level equivalent to that of a university publication with peer evaluation
  • the ability to deliver an oral speech and the necessary confidence in their knowledge and ideas in order to defend them before their peers
  • a broader commitment within the research community (ability to disseminate knowledge, defend the impact, value and challenges of their research, participate in research collaborations)

Key Information

Department: Department of French and Modern Studies

Faculty: Faculty of Humanities

Programme Name: French Studies

Direction: French Studies

Level of Qualification: 3rd Cycle (Doctoral's Degree) [8 Semesters]

Mode of Study: Full time

Language of Instruction: French

Coordinator: Associate Professor Fryni Kakoyianni-Doa

Curriculum Structure

Course Type ECTS
Compulsory 180
Recognition of prior studies 60

Courses per Semester

Conditions of Study

The number of places available are announced by the Graduate School with the eligibility criteria for candidates, as well as other required documents that must be attached to the application such as:
• Bachelor’s degree from a recognised University.
• Previous University education in a suitable subject (academic background) and grades of relevant degrees.
• Letters of recommendation.
• Personal interview and/or written examination (if provided by the Department’s internal rules).
• Submission of preliminary research proposal for admission to a doctoral course (if provided by the Department’s internal rules).
The Department may also set additional criteria and quality indicators such as: (a) number of students’ publications in scientific journals, (b) students’ participation in seminars, symposia, research programmes, (c) presentations by students at conferences, (d) knowledge of foreign languages, and (e) professional experience, etc.

Students must always advise the University's' Postgraduate Study Rules

Successful completion of the requirements of the Program
Up to 60 ECTS may be exempted from postgraduate courses.

The diploma dissertation, thesis, research and writing stages are graded with Success / Failure. The final grade of the dissertation is registered in the last semester of its elaboration. The doctoral dissertation is graded as Success or Failure

Further Information

Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples

This program’s graduates may work in various sectors and institutions of the Republic of Cyprus as well as in the European Union, such as academic teaching, public and private teaching, cultural and linguistic services, public services, international institutions, diplomatic
corps, translation centres, tourism and hotel industry, media, multinational companies, NGOs.

Access to Further Studies